Reduce Your Debts Today With An IVA

    Why Apply For An IVA?


  • Combine all of your debts into a single monthly payment.

  • Payments based on what you can afford, not what you owe.

  • Stop creditor pressure – no more red letters or bailiff calls.

  • Write off unaffordable debts.

How does an IVA work?

An IVA or Individual Voluntary Arrangement is a Government backed formal debt solution that helps people regain control of their unsecured debts by reducing their outgoing payments into a single, affordable monthly payment based on what they can afford, not what they owe. Any interest accruing on your debts should stop as soon as the IVA is agreed by you and your creditors.

It is an agreement between you and your creditors whereby you agree to make a fixed monthly payment over a fixed period of time, usually 5 years, after which time any remaining debt is written off. You could write off up to 75% of your total debts.

If you should come into any money during the term of your IVA, a payrise for example, you would usually be expected to put at least some of this additional money towards your IVA payments.


How Much Could You Save With An IVA?


Typical Example

Total Unsecured Debts £45,250
Old Monthly Repayments £1,589
New Monthly Repayment £266
Monthly Reduction £1,323
Debts Written Off £29,267
Term 5 Years

Complete our eligibility form and find out exactly how much you could save with an IVA.

Debts that can be included in your IVA.

Unsecured Debts

Overdrafts, charge cards and unsecured loans can be included.

Payday Loans

Short and long-term payday loan debts can be included.

Credit Cards

Credit cards and Store Card balances can be included in your IVA.

HMRC Debts

Outstanding NI, PAYE and other HMRC debts can be included.

Utility Bills

Gas, Electricity and Water bills from previous properties can be included.

Service Bills

TV licences, landlines and internet provider debts from previous properties can be included.
The above is not an extensive list. To see whether your debts can be included in an IVA please call us on 0800 001 0001.

How do I apply?

Complete Our Form

Fill out our quick and simple form above.

Speak To Our Team

We will call you to go over your circumstances.

Regain Control

Reduce and consolidate your monthly payments.

Any debts remaining after the term of your IVA will be written off in full.

Why Choose IVA Today?

We Understand that everyone is as different as their circumstances. At IVA Today we work with our clients to make sure that an IVA is right for them and will lead to the outcome they want.

“If we think an IVA is the wrong debt solution for you, we can discuss alternatives with you.”

An IVA isn’t right for everyone. Understanding your circumstances and helping you to apply for your IVA is what we do best. We will hold your hand throughout the entire process – there will be no scary surprises.

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